• The Automotive Industry in Russia has seen dramatic changes in recent years with a surge in volumes and inward investment into manufacturing facilities by most of the global OEM's.
  • With low energy and raw material costs, the environment exists for the supplier base to develop and become increasingly competitive at an International level on both cost and quality.
  • At RAC we understand the supplier base, speak the language and are knowledgeable with regard to contract laws and all aspects of interfacing with potential Russian partners.
  • Our proposition - your fast track to internationally competitive suppliers in Russia across a range of automotive components. With our knowledge and contacts we are able to connect you to potential sources quickly and efficiently. Our experience in Russia with legal contract requirements will enable you to make faster decisions. We provide you with all the necessary knowledge and will act on your behalf on the ground in Russia removing the need to invest in costly resources whilst obtaining an understanding of the potential of this market.