About Us

The RAC management team has over 50 years of experience in the automotive sector; including 30 years of direct presence in the Russian market and over 25 years in the Middle East.

During this time RAC has been involved in numerous highly successful ventures.

RAC’s roots go back to the early establishment of Trinity Motors, the first distributor for General Motors Corporation (GM) vehicles and accessories in Russia. As a result of this fruitful relationship, the business further developed to support the entry of global suppliers of automotive components into the Russian market.

The company has evolved and diversified into the acquisition and restructuring of Russian suppliers as well as investment in infrastructure development projects.

An example of this is our participation in the Kineshma Automotive Components (KAC) production plant located in Kineshma, Ivanovo regionemploying, at one count, over 3000 employees including engineers and technicians. KAC manufacture a wide variety of components, including brake parts, for major Tier-1 automotive suppliers. (Please see Manufacturing)

RAC maintains a flexible, yet lean organization capable of responding rapidly to developments in the Russian and international business environment.

RAC is internationally accredited with ISO 9001-2000 certification.